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Land Clearing
We have the tools and equipment to handle all of your land clearing needs. There are many different ways to clear land from chain saw to dozer work and even whole tree grinding technology. We can help you with a plan that is right for your specific needs. Lots, acreage, right of ways, roads, selective or clear cut; from the back yard to the back forty we can assist you on any size job. If you have brush piles that you need to get rid of we can help with that as well. Ground disturbance and erosion after clearing are concerns lots of people have. Our full range of services means we can keep ground disturbance to a minimum and even plant grass for you when the clearing is complete. Just about any one can knock trees over with a piece of equipment, but carelessness and lack of experience can mean a much longer recovery time for your property. From start to finish and even maintenance to prevent secondary growth we can help you plan the clearing of your property.
Land Clearing FAQ’s
Are there any options for clearing land with out having to burn the piles?
Absolutely. We can haul the trees off your property, chip them into flower bed mulch, grind them into ground cover mulch, or even grind the whole tree in place.
Will grass grow through the mulch left behind by the no burn grinding technology?
This depends on the specific circumstances. Some contractors will tell you yes in every situation, but honestly it depends on the amount of grindings left behind. We can answer this question for you in more detail after looking at your property.
Do you bill hourly or by the job?
We can do what ever you are more comfortable with. Many customers like to be billed by the hour so they can control the overall spending on the project. Others prefer a turnkey price so there is a fixed dollar amount before the project begins. When we visit with you to plan your clearing project we discuss the pros and cons of each option with you in more detail.
How do I find out if I am allowed to burn brush on my property?
Your best bet is to ask your local police/sheriff’s department or fire department. Also do not forget about any HOA/POA or neighborhood associations. It is also normally a good idea to contact your neighbors so they do not become concerned if they see smoke. This may not cover all areas and we recommend that if you are not sure do not burn.
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